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Welcome to the Smartop Family

What to Do When You Receive Your Smartop

Inspect the Smartop closely, making sure to look for any damage that occurred during the shipping process. Freight damage must be reported to the seller. The freight company may need to inspect the damaged goods, therefore it is important to save all packaging materials and take photos of all damage to packaging and product. Include the statement, "Pending Damage Inspection" when signing the delivery receipt in the event there is concealed damage.

Next, examine the Smartop for any defects in materials and workmanship and immediately report any problems to the seller. (Minor streaks or other aesthetic imperfections may appear on the polymer panels and are characteristics resulting from the manufacturing process.)

CAUTION:  The sun's rays reflecting off a window, door, etc onto the Smartop can cause Smartop's surface temperature to reach in excess of 200 degrees Fahrenheit which can cause injury  and damage to the Smartop. 

Performance Assurance Guarantee


How to Install Your Smartop

Access our video library and select the installation video that takes you step by step through the easy installation process for your specific Smartop model

Smartop Care Information

Caring for a spa cover has never been so easy! Simply wash your Smartop with mild dish soap and water, rinse it off and wipe down to restore Smartop to a like-new condition.

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