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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Smartop work on my spa?

Smartop is available in sizes up to twenty feet and can be manufactured to fit most spas with a flat top surface. If you have a spa with a unique shape, size, or installation requirements, let us know and we will work to design and build a Smartop to meet your situation and needs.

What maintenance does Smartop require?

The durable, polymer panels and protective DecoShield overlay makes cleaning quick and easy using common dish soap and water. Smartop does not require the use of costly conditioners, nor is there any required maintenance to the foam, making Smartop effortless and easy to own.

Will Smartop become heavier and more difficult to use over time the way traditional foam covers do?

Smartop comes with an integrated hydraulic cover lifter on both the front half and the back half of the cover which allows for easy, effortless opening. Unlike traditional vinyl covers that absorb water over time, Smartop’s zero-water absorption design allows it to maintain a consistent weight throughout the life of the cover.

What is Smartop's R-value?

Smartop’s unique design is one that resolves the ever-occurring water-absorption problem that occurs in traditional vinyl covers. Smartop is manufactured with a specially formulated, Owens Corning closed-cell insulating foam that is water-resistant and moisture-free, enabling the cover to maintain its initial R-value throughout its ENTIRE lifespan. The facts show Smartop is on par with the top-rated vinyl cover in terms of heat retention, however, as time passes and the interior insulating foam in the vinyl cover becomes water-saturated, its insulating abilities significantly dropped below Smartop’s insulating properties.

For extremely cold climates where maximum heat retention is of the highest priority - SmartShield is the answer! Applied to the underside of the Smartop, this dense, soft-to-the-touch, black material has proven to increase the already energy-conscious Smartop by more than 20%. Learn more about SmartShield by clicking HERE.

Is Smartop difficult to install?

If you can use a tape measure, crescent wrench, and screw gun (drill or Phillip’s head screwdriver will work as well), you can install Smartop. We have created instructional videos that show each step of the installation process. We also provide detailed instructions with every Smartop that is shipped and are always a phone call away should you need assistance.

How much space is required?

The Smartop Upright requires only eight inches of clearance when in the upright position. A minimum of three inches is required on each side to allow for the side handles. The Smartop Vanish XL requires a minimum of twenty-eight inches of clearance when in the open position and five inches on each side.

Will Smartop develop mold and odor? 

Due to Smartop’s exclusive patented design and use of specially formulated, water-resistant insulating foam from Owens-Corning, Smartop will not develop mold which is the source of the foul odor that occurs over time with traditional foam covers.

How much weight can Smartop support? 

Smartop’s structural integrity is derived from its exclusive patented, ribbed panel design and interior aluminum support channels. Smartop has been tested to support up to 1,000lbs – Smartop easily supports snow and ice and protects against accidental breakage caused by children, animals, tree limbs and other outside factors.

What happens if my Smartop becomes damaged?

In the unlikely event Smartop becomes damaged, every component is repairable or replaceable. NEVER deal with the hassle of a costly cover replacement again. 

Does Smartop come with a warranty?

Smartop comes with a Performance Assurance Guarantee (PAG) that goes above and beyond standard warranties.  We believe the cover should perform as expected and we will work with you and/or the dealer from whom the Smartop was purchased to ensure the product offers many years of trouble-free ownership.  The PAG is effective for a period of three years from the date of purchase. 

Where can I purchase Smartop?

Smartop is available at select dealers around the globe. Please forward your full address and contact information to or call (888) 965-6694 and we'll provide the closest Authorized Smartop dealer to your location.


How do I register my Smartop for the Performance Assurance Guarantee?

You can register your Smartop Spa Cover by filling out and submitting the Performance Assurance Guarantee registration form.


How do I file a warranty claim? 

If you purchased your Smartop direct from the manufacturer, Leisure Concepts, please click HERE to submit your warranty claim.  A Smartop representative will contact you within 24 hours Monday through Friday to discuss the warranty claim with you.  If you purchased your Smartop from a dealer, please contact the dealer for all warranty issues. 

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