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(All colors come with polished black aluminum trim)

Customize Your Cover

Smartop builds custom hot tub covers, made 100% in the USA per your design specifications. Unique dimensions, corner radius and, DecoShield color selection result in a cover that fits properly and enhances the look of your spa and its surroundings.

Choose from three popular DecoShield colors

DecoShield is an elegant, textured polymer overlay for custom spa covers that provides style AND protection to Smartop's rigid exterior shell. This durable, weather-resistant material allows your custom hot tub cover to withstand extreme hot and cold climates and harsh weather conditions.

Cocoa Color Swatch-6898a-final.jpg

Add an Extra Layer of Insulation
with SmartShield 800

For those environments where maximum heat retention is of the highest priority – the optional SmartShield 800 is the answer! Applied to the bottom side of any custom spa cover from Smartop, SmartShield 800 has proven to increase the already energy-conscious cover by more than 20%. This dense material is soft to the touch, serves as an added layer of insulation and assists with trapping heat in the hot tub. $299 ($598 for swim spas)

SmartShield 800 Large.jpg
SmartShield 800
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